Our Story

South Dakota Sevice Dogs was founded in 2021 by Anthony & Eleanor Russell. 

Anthony, (Tony) served in the Air Force from 2011-2020, and during that time, like a lot of service members was deployed several times and developed multiple serious life-threatening life-altering injuries as a result.


Every day Tony battles with the pain of mental and physical limitations. The pain has been made easier, and his quality of life increased when he received his service dog. 

In 2020 Anthony was the recipient of a service dog, appropriately named “Rush.” Rush had been presented to Tony by The Rapid City Rush Hockey Team and Spire Sports as part of “The Puppy Project.” 

During this process, we realized how hard it is for Active Duty and Veterans to be placed with a service dog, specifically trained for individual needs. The list was either 2-3 years-long or it was 20k to get on it. Both of these are unnecessary and unacceptable and we wanted to find a way to connect Service Members and First Responders with Service Dogs, giving them back the quality of life they deserve. 


Welcome, South Dakota Service Dogs.